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How can I buy a Times world atlas or map?

You can buy a Times world atlas online from this site. See The Times Atlas Range. 

How up-to-date are the Times world atlases?

We do our best to ensure that the Times world atlases and maps are the most up-to-date available anywhere, online or in-print. We tap into over 500 different organizations and experts internationally to ensure the data used in the Times Atlas range reflects the world as it is today. However, it can take a while before some of these changes are reflected in all our printed titles.

Who ‘makes’ the Times atlases?

A team of 30 professional cartographers, along with many external experts and a multitude of other organisations who provide information sources for updates and corrections.

What organizations use Times Atlas and maps products?

We are independent and strive to make the Times atlases a neutral and apolitical authority. We are trusted by major international organizations including the UN, the EC, the UK government and the media – BBC, CNN and ABC.

How good are the Times atlases?

Times atlases have recently won awards from the International Map Trade Association, the British Cartographic Society and ESRI. The Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World was one of the Ten Best Atlases in a recent feature in The Independent newspaper and was the best luxury buy of all the atlases featured.

What distinguishes a Times atlas from those of other publishers?

Times world atlases are more accurate, up to date and consistent. They are beautifully presented and produced to highest cartographic and editorial standards and come in a wide range suited to your needs and requirements.

Why are Times atlases so highly regarded?

The team behind the Times Atlases have a rich heritage of cartographic expertise and production, spanning over 200 years. The cartographers and experts provide full editorial control over the quality of the data and the content, giving high levels of consistency and accuracy. Our databases deliver seamless worldwide cartographic data, giving our products great flexibility, consistency and the ability to update instantly.

When was the first Times atlas produced?

The very first Times world Atlas was published in 1895 – find out more about the history of mapping and the heritage of the Times world atlas range here.

Why should I own a Times World Atlas?

As well as a beautiful coffee table book, a Times atlas is an essential reference tool that will help with any geographical enquiry – whether you’re planning a holiday, needing to understand or keep abreast of world news, solving a quiz or crossword, helping with homework or simply exploring the world from your armchair.

Why is a printed Times atlas needed when maps are easily available online?

Atlases and books are still being bought and used as much as they ever have been. A large-format atlas is one of the best mediums to display a map on and is still easier to read and use than a computer screen. Times atlases have verified information with a high level of quality assurance, consistency and reliability.

Can my company use Times Atlas mapping data in its publications or websites?

Yes, please visit our business services website, Collins Bartholomew for more information.

Is my personal information secure if I register information at

Yes, we take your privacy very seriously. Please read our Privacy Policy for more details.

Can I link to from my website?

You are welcome to link to from your website or blog. If you would like to request a link exchange, please use the Contact Us form.

I’ve noticed a mistake on your website, who can I contact?

We welcome all comments that lead to an improvement in Please use the Contact Us form.

What is the relationship between Collins and The Times?

HarperCollins Publishers cartographic department Collins Bartholomews publish both Times and Collins branded maps and atlases.  For further information, see About Us.

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Printed Products

I have an old Times World Atlas, could you tell me its value?

This depends on many factors such as its age, rarity, collectability and condition. For further information and weblinks see our What are they worth? PDF (390 KB).

When is the next new edition of The Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World published?

The new edition (14th) of the atlas will be available on 25th September 2014 on this website. This is the most up-to-date. The atlas is reprinted once a year and all major updates carried out so that the atlas you buy is as up-to-date as possible.

Why does the Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World cost so much?

The Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World represents excellent value for money. It is huge, at 45 cm by 31 cm (bigger than A3), has 544 pages including 64 for thematic spreads and 263 for reference maps, and has an index of over 200,000 names. The information is collected from many thousands of sources.  It is produced using state-of-the-art technology, beautifully presented and produced to the highest standards.  See Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World page.

What is your policy on disputed areas?

We aim to show the ‘de facto’ (on the ground) situation at the time of publication – while making sure to show that there is a dispute. We remain neutral.

How do you show borders that are disputed?

These are shown with a dashed line on all our products and disputed places often have an additional footnote.

Why is my town not in the Times atlas?

We show every place with a significant population. The limitations of space due to scale, generalisation and nearby features mean that some smaller towns can’t be shown after careful editorial consideration. The Times Comprehensive Atlas has an index of more than 200,000 names, unrivalled in any other commercial atlas.

Is it possible to get individual prints of Times atlas pages?

This service is offered via Maps International. If they do not have what you require please Contact Us.

I have an old Times World Atlas, could you tell me more about it?

Please use the Contact Us form giving any details such as the title, date, cover wording, price, address of publisher and what you would like to know.

Where can I find out about Times world maps?

See our Times Atlas Range menu.

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Luxury Atlas

What makes the Times atlas a luxury item?

The Luxury Times Atlas is hand-made to order by craftsmen who use only the highest quality leathers and finest materials. The atlas is bound in your choice of French calf skin or Nigerian goat skin and is presented in a sleek Douppion silk leather edged or cloth covered slipcase. It can be gold stamped with your name and initials, can include gold page edge, has eight personalised introductory pages and the option of hand marbled endpapers. You choose the finishing options, creating a unique personalized edition.

How long does it take to produce the Luxury Times Atlas?

It takes up to six weeks because the Luxury Times Atlas is of such high quality and hand-made to order.

How big is the Luxury Times Atlas?

In its slipcase the Luxury  Times Atlas is 47 cm (18.5 inches) high by 33 cm (13 inches) wide and is 5.5 cm (2.17 inches) deep. It weighs 6.8 kg (15 lb).

Is the Luxury Times Atlas a limited edition?

No, limited editions are usually numbered. You are ordering a customised and personalised product, completely unique to you. You can order a limited edition here.

Can I speak to someone for further details about the atlas and to advise with my choices?

Yes, we will be happy to help. Please email us or telephone your gift advisor on +44 (0)208 307 4515.

Do I have to order my copy online?

No, you can also order by telephone, although you will need to sign an order form and return to us to confirm your details. To discuss your requirements or order please contact us by telephone on +44 (0)208 307 4515.

When is payment taken?

Your personal gift adviser will phone you to arrange payment.

What should I do if I need the atlas in time for a special event or presentation?

We endeavour to deliver within six weeks. However, delays can occur due to the availability of the leather and other materials. Please see our Luxury Edition Terms and Conditions for more information.

What happens if I have made a mistake on the order form?

Contact us as soon as possible and we will see what we can do to help. However, the atlas is made to order so it will not be possible to obtain a refund if you inform us too late in the book making process that you have made a mistake.

How should I supply artwork digitally?

Send us a high resolution (300 dpi) file, black only, as a tiff, PDF or Illustrator EPS. We can accept other file formats too. If you need any further details, please use the Contact Us form.

I would like to include a family crest but I only have a drawing, what should I do?

It will be possible to recreate your family crest digitally. We will send you the digital file we use. Please use the Contact Usform for an estimate and more information.

How much should I insure the atlas for?

We are unable to offer any specialist advice regarding the insurance value of the atlas and recommend that you contact your insurance company.

What about delivery?

Delivery and insurance cover during transit is included in the cost of your atlas.  You will be able to track the progress of the delivery online.

Can I buy individual pages from the atlas?

This service is offered via Maps International. If they do not have what you require please contact us.

Can I buy matching editions of any other Times atlases?

This may be possible for some editions. For further information please use the Contact Us form.

Where can I find out more about Book Works?

The book is bound by famous bookbinders Book Works visit their website for more details.

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Limited Edition

Can I buy individual pages or plates from the atlas?

This service is offered via Maps International. If they do not have what you require please contact us.

Can I buy matching editions of any other Times atlases?

This may be possible for some editions. For further information please use the Contact Us form. You can order a limited edition here.

Where can I find out more about Green Street Bindery?

Visit their website

Corporate Gifts

What sort of gifts can you create which show my company’s details?

Any Times atlas of the world and the world map can be customised with your details. We can foil block your company logo and name in silver/gold on the atlas front cover, insert an extra front page with your details and create a personalised dust jacket or slipcase. These bespoke touches add extra value to the gift.

What is foil blocking?

It is the method of transferring silver or gold foil onto paper, cloth or leather.

What is the mimimum number of atlases I can order?

It depends on the unit price of the atlas you order. For example, the minimum order quantity for the Times Mini World Atlas is 1000 copies, while the minimum for the Times Concise World Atlas is 25 copies.

What is the minimum number of customized maps I can order?

The minimum order quantity for maps is 250 copies.

Can you tailor an atlas for my company/organisation?

Yes, we can create a completely bespoke atlas according to your requirements. We can add your locations or routes to the maps and incorporate pages of information about your company or organisation. The minimum order quantity is generally 1000 to 2000 copies to make the project economically viable.

Can you tailor a world map for my company/organisation?

Yes, we can add your logo to the Times World Map and add your locations to the mapping. Maps can be plain, laminated, folded, flat or rolled up in mailing tubes.

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For further information please contact:
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Telephone +44 (0)208 307 4515